Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mandate: Mission from the Gods

Jae Hee Mandate MovieIn the past decade, there had been a continuous serial rape murder cases in Whagoklee village which is almost now in ruins. The police can’t find a clue regarding on this case and the number of villagers residing in that town were rapidly decreasing. The police decided to abandon the case and reported it as nothing had happened for the past two years.

Until one day when an incident happened that two college women were raped and murdered, the villagers were frightened and startled. Choi Kang (Jae Hee) known as one of the famous and best ghost hunter in Korea came to the village to investigate the crime scene. He insisted that it was not by an evil spirit (an incubus) not by a man. However, the police squad leader Lee (Shim Won-cheol) laughed as if it was a joke, told him to go away and never come back in town.

Yoo Da-in Mandate Movie

Journalist Shin (Yoo Da-in) came to the village to know the incident. She was destined to become a Shaman but she refused and chose to become normal. The priest who had helped her to become an ordinary person gave her an old camera that can trap a spirit with just a single shot of it. Because of the camera, Shin also became a famous Korean ghost hunter but no one knows that Journalist Shin and Famous ghost hunter Shin are one.

Jae Hee Fight Mandate

These two persons, Choi Kang and Shin, only knew who’s responsible on this incident. Can they get to the bottom of this crime and capture the ghost criminal?

Jae Hee Mandate Movie

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