Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fly High

Fly High Movie
Can you fall in love deeply to someone who’s about to die? Fly High is an old (2006) melodrama Korean movie. A story of a man who truly falls in love with a woman whose life is limited because of an incurable disease.

It all started when Min-hyuk (Ji Hyun Woo), a man that loves dancing and comic books, met this daring lady, Mi-hyun (Im Jung Eun), in men’s room. It is strange that they meet accidentally in a men’s toilet room at all times. By the way, Mi-hyun goes to the men’s room because women’s room is fully occupied and she doesn’t want to wait in a long line. Min-hyuk’s admiration developed each time they meet in men’s room that made him like he was under with Mi-hyun’s spell.

Min-hyuk has never had a serious relationship until he met Mi-hyun. He started to court, accompanied her in going home at night, went secretly in school at night just to fill her locker with roses and woke up early to clear her pathway after a snowfall.

Ji Hyun Woo and Im Jung Eun Fly High Movie

However with all his efforts mentioned, Mi-hyun pretended that she doesn’t want to be Min-hyuk’s girlfriend and rejected him for she knew that her time is short. When she’s about to leave Korea and go to United States, the only word she left for Min-hyuk was “Sorry”.

Two years had passed and Min-hyuk was having a hard time to forget Mi-hyun that built him anger and pain. Will he forgive her when they meet again?

Im Jung Eun and Ji Hyun Woo Fly High Movie

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