Friday, November 28, 2008

One Mom and Three Dads - Synopsis

One Mom and Three Dads
Song Na Young (Eugene Kim), a happy woman who will lately become a mom but she’s not sure who’s the daddy of her child. Her husband, Jung Sung Min, was unable to make her pregnant and they were both hopeless of having a baby. So Sung Min's friends decided to help the couple through sperm donor. Suddenly, her husband died in an accident. So the three friends decided to be the father of the child.

Han Soo Hyun (Jo Hyun Jae), the most successful among Jung Sung Min’s friend. He’s neat and tidy. When he sees untidiness around his corner, he will clean this immediately. He hates untidy and tardy women. His dream is to be one of the richest men in Korea.

Choi Kwang Hee (Jae Hee), a comic book author and an unfashionable friend of Sung Min. Even if he’s an old fashioned guy, he’s still known as a pretty boy. He hates babies especially when he hears them crying. His dream is to have a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Na Hwang Kyung Tae (Shin Sung Rok), a successful 4 years senior police detective officer friend of Sung Min. He’s desperate to get married and have his own kids but women in Korea hates policemen. He trembles when he sees sexy women. He dreams to be promoted.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Iljimae - Synopsis

Iljimae is another drama series based on a fictional character Robin Hood, like Hong Gil Dong. When he was 8 years old, he had witnessed silently the killing of his father. His father was a good nobleman and a loyal supporter to the emperor. After his father died, he changed his name from Geom to Yong and adopted as a son by Swe Dol.

Yong grew up as a hopeless gangster in the marketplace but later on, he remembered slowly his past and investigated the reason of his father’s death. All he found out was the engraving made on the sword. Then, he decided to turn out to be a bandit in order to find the sword’s owner. But instead, he became Iljimae (Lee Moon Shik), a black masked thief who steals from corrupt government bureaucrats then give it to the poor people.

Eun Chae (Han Hyo Joo), absolutely nothing like among the other noble daughters. She was clever, energetic and very attune to current events. The first person who established a hotel in Joseon that made a large amount of cash then, used those financial gains to help the poor citizens. From the time when she heard about Iljimae, she was captivated and later on they met each other.

Shi Hoo (Park Shi Hoo), son of a poor mother, Dani, then, soon after met his biological father, Byun Sik, at the age of 9. He was in danger and almost about to kill by his father but her mother went hurriedly to Byun Sik’s house and told him that truth that Shi Hoo was his son. Even though his life became wealthy, he was still bullied by his step brother Shi Wan and handles all the household chores. This made him become hopeless and long for acceptance of everyone. Capturing Iljimae was his way out to misery. He even fell in love with Eun Chae, daughter of Byun Sik which means Eun Chae is his step younger sister. When he found out that Eun Chae’s love was for Iljimae only, his chase on capturing Iljimae was more intensified.

Bong Soon (Lee Young Ah), a fraud expert together with her foster father, Kong He. Both never miss any argument with each other and Bong Soon always saying that her foster father was good for nothing old man. But they both depend on each other and their team is matchless in trickery. Bong Soon tried to cheat Yong (Iljimae) but instead she got caught by him and became as his hostage until she’ll repay all her debts. She had feelings with Yong but Eun chae also had feelings. This condition will lead her on to conflicting emotions.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sweet Spy - Synopsis

Sweet Spy
Lee Sun-ae, (Nam Sang Mi), became a young policewoman officer after her police officer husband had passed away. When she was assigned as a traffic police, she met the international undercover agent, Han Yoo-il (Dennis Oh), in a traffic violation incident. Usually, Sun-ae always borrows a pen to a traffic violator and forgets to return it to the owner. So she borrowed a pen from Yoo-il to write up a ticket. Yoo-il’s pen is not just an ordinary pen. It is a special gadget and he has been keeping this for some reason.

Han Yoo-il lately realized that his pen was not given back to him. He ran after Sun-ae but never reached on her. Later on, Yoo-il plotted to kidnap Sun-ae and also planned to end up her life after getting back the pen. Fortunately, Yoo-il secretly fell into Sun-ae’s charm and hired her as a spy.

Meanwhile, Kang Jun (Lee Joo Hyun), confidant of Sun-ae’s husband, was newly reassigned to the Criminal Investigation Department. He tried to solve the case of his friend’s death and discover the disorder issues in present political powers. Unlocking this case will lead him to fall in love with Sun-ae.

Sun-ae will not handle all her task well for more complicated things will happen including her personal feelings. How can Sun-ae handle all these things? Will she find her real love?

Friday, November 21, 2008

Hong Gil Dong - Synopsis

Hong Gil Dong
Hong Gil Dong (Kang Ji Hwan) is somewhat based into a fictional character Robin Hood. He felt abandoned by his own high ranked minister father in Korea for his mother was only a maidservant. When his mother died, he had nowhere to stay; then, a monk sheltered him and trained him martial arts. He’s ready to defend his fellow commoners from noble citizens’ discrimination. He has a noble beautiful admirer, Seo Eun Hye (Kim Ri Na), daughter of a high ranked minister, yet he refused because of his status.

At the marketplace, he met Heo Yi Nok (Sung Yu Ri) who had just returned to Korea from China with her grandfather to sell extraordinary product of medicine. She and her grandfather were clueless that long ago, she was a daughter of a high ranked minister and her parents were killed by assassins. But luckily, she escaped from the assassins and an old man (grandfather) carried her away to Korea.

Yi Nok accidentally bumped Lee Chang Hwi (Jang Geun Suk) in the market. Lee Chang Hwi had also returned to Korea from China just to get back his throne from his half brother emperor. Her mother was killed by the armies of his half brother by trapping her in the palace with flames.

Three characters were put into a love triangle situation. Who will win Yi Nok's heart? Will Lee Chang Hwi reclaim his throne? Will Gil Dong succeed in fighting for the injustice in his society that separated people into upper class and common people?