Friday, February 1, 2008

Wang Credited 4 God - Episode 1

2000 years ago, the son of god in the heavenly world, Hwanung, cared the world so much. One day, he came down to earth with Cheong-Ryong (the Blue Dragon or Cloud Master), Baek-Ho (the White Tiger or Wind Leader) and Hyeon-Mu (the Black Turtle-Snake or rain Master). Hwanung built an altar under the tree of Taibai Mountain and called it the Sacred City. He educated the nation and a lot of people from different tribes came in the city and followed him.

The Tiger Tribe, Ho-jok, ruled all over the land at that time lead by Gajin (Moon So Ri), the most powerful fighter and has given fire power by Joo-jak (the Phoenix). Her special power killed a lot of tribes except Ung-jok’s (Bear Tribe) lead by Se-o, an outstanding archer. Se-o was so kind and she was like a mother protecting her people and cried for their sufferings. Hwanung was touched when he saw Se-o weeping and he made up his mind without saying anything to end up this war. He tried to persuade Gajin to end up the war but she was so stubborn and fully attacked Hwanung with sword of fire. However, Hwanung gathered and sealed all the fire power in a form of balas.

Gajin lost her power and felt broke but Hwanung helped and healed her injuries. Because of Hwanung’s kindness, she started to convince her people to stop this war. On the contrary, the Tiger race’s elder and community ignored her. So she killed anyone who disregards her.

Gajin came to Hwanung’s place but Hwanung had already given the fire balas to Se-o and became the new Fire Guardian. It is the first time in history that the four gods started to work in four places (East, West, North and South). Se-o liked Hwanung since he came into this world. Hwanung looked and accepted her love without saying anything. Hence, Se-o carried Hawnung’s baby. But Gajin could not accept because she abandoned everything she had for Hwanung. She swore that if she can’t be with Hwanung in this recent life, she will be with him in the next life.

When Se-o’s baby was born, the Tiger Tribe attacked the Bear Tribe and took the baby as hostage for the reason that she wanted to see Hwanung. Se-o chased Gajin for getting the baby back. Se-o did not want to see her baby die and she could not control anymore the Fire Guardian’s power because of the wrath she felt. When Hwanung saved the baby from falling, it was too late. Se-o transformed into a Black Vermillion Phoenix and started to destroy everything. Hwanung summoned the Blue Dragon, White Tiger and Black Turtle-Snake to stop the Black Vermillion Phoenix but they could not hold it because it’s too powerful. Hwanung had no choice but to kill Se-o.

Gajin wanted to be with Hwanung but she got nothing. All she felt was emptiness and killed her own self. Hwanung sealed the four gods into a form of sacred stuffs and left the world. The 4 gods will be awakened if the King of Jushin will be born, the reincarnation of Hwanung. 2000 years passed, different tribes are waiting for his existence.

Episode 1