Saturday, April 25, 2009

Whispering Corridors

Whispering CorridorsA 1998 South Korean horror movie set in a fairly typical all-female school in Korea, called Jookran High School for Girls. The story started on the night before the first day of the new school year. A female teacher called Mrs. Park was nicknamed by her students as an “Old Fox” because of her cruel treatment of her students. She discovered a strange and creepy regarding of her late pupil of the school called Jin-Ju who committed suicide in the school’s art classroom 9 years ago. She tried to call her new colleague teacher Hur Eun-young (Lee Mi-Yeon), saying ““…Jin-Ju is undeniably dead… but she’s still attending her class!”. While she was on the phone, she was attacked, murdered by a ghost and left hanging in the schoolyard. Eun-young was a former student of the school and the best friend of Jin-Ju.

On the next day, Yoon Jae-Yi (Choi Se-yeon) waits for her acquaintance Lim Ji-oh (Kim Gyu-ri), who has the ability to call the spirits, went early in the school and found Mrs. Park hanging. The rude and hard-hitting Mr. Oh, nicknamed by his students as Mad Dog, is the substitute of Mrs. Park, warned the students to zip their mouth regarding Park’s death. It disturbed Ji-Oh so much that she feels the need to paint a portrait of Mrs Park’s death. When the Mad Dog discovered the painting, he prohibited Ji-Oh to use the art classroom.

However, Jae-Yi encouraged Ji-Oh to continue painting and she suggested to use the abandoned art classroom, a place where Jin-Ju committed suicide.