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Hwang Jin Yi, the Movie

Hwang Jin Yi, the Movie
Famous Korean actress Song Hye-kyo played the role as a well-known 16th century Gisaeng, Hwang Jin Yi (the Movie). Jin Yi is the most legendary courtesan of th Joseon Dynasty and noted for her dazzling beauty, clever and remarkable intellect.

Before Hwang Jin Yi became a Gisaeng and changed her name as Myeong-wol, she was a daughter of a noble family and educated as a well upper-class woman. She had a close friend, Nom Yi (Yoo Ji-tae), a slave in the house who was punished and expelled from her house because Jin Yi was so curious on what’s on the streets and swayed Nom Yi to bring her outside to take a look around.

When both now have grown up and Jin Yi’s father passed away, Nom Yi came back to the family as a steward to be near with his beloved. Jin Yi was about to marry a very rich man but it was cancelled right away when news spread out that she was the daughter of a maid in Hwang’s house.

Hwang Jin Yi, the Movie, Yoo Ji Tae

Her life changes when she found out that her mother became a Gisaeng after leaving the house. Her tragic life begins and she struggles a lot because of her social status. Whether she just keep silent and pretend that no one knows, or became a slave or Gisaeng just like her mother.

Hwang Jin Yi, the Movie, Song Hye-kyo

Hwang Jin Yi, the movie was totally different from the Korean drama series which was lead by also a popular young actress, Ha Ji-won.

Hwang Jin Yi, the Movie

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