Monday, June 1, 2009

The Kingdom of the Winds

the kingdom of the windsAnother Korean drama and Fantasy with 36 episodes that tells about Jumong’s Grandson, Moo Hyul, who was born with a curse to kill his parent, siblings, son and destroy Goguryeo. Song Il Gook portrayed Moo Hyul who had also portrayed Jumong in "Jumong - Prince of The Legend" in 2006. His love interest is Princess Yeon and a skilled physician of Buyeo portrayed by Choi Jung Won.

The chief sorceress of Goguryeo informs King Yuri (Jung Jin Young) to kill his own son, Moo Hyul, but he was powerless of doing it. He instead instructed his eldest son, Crown Prince of Goguryeo, Prince Hae Myeong (Lee Jong Won) to bring his child away to detach all his ties with Moo Hyul. Prince Haemyeong could not stand on throwing away his baby brother. So, he asked his love interest, Hye Ap (Oh Yoon Ah), the chief decorator of King Jumong's burial chamber, to bring up Moo Hyul and King Yuri is unaware of this. Prince Haemyeong went back to peek Moo Hyul when he become an adult giving him a chance to become a soldier of Goguryeo. The brothers wish is to slay King Daeso of Buyeo.

the kingdom of the winds jumong 2

Buyeo and Goguryeo are enemies, but how will they meet and fall in love?

the kingdom of the winds main cast

Main Cast

Song Il Gook as Prince Moo Hyul / Daemusin
Choi Jung Won as Princess Yeon
Park Gun Hyung as Prince Do Jin
Jung Jin Young as King Yuri

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