Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Before and After: Plastic Surgery

Before and After Plastic Surgery Korean DramaA 12-episode funny Korean drama series aired on MBC last January 6, 2008 to March 30, 2008. The title was previously known as Cosmetic Surgery. Teens and young adult women will find the story interesting for it focused on a plastic surgery setting. You can learn a lot of lessons here and you will understand that there are 2 types of doctor – a business doctor and a compassionate doctor.

The plastic surgery clinic was about to be taken by loan sharks and Han Geon Soo (Lee Jin Wook) worked hard to fix this financial problems by getting more clients. He’s the son of the clinic owner and takes over to manage the clinic after his father passed away. A former doctor of a well-known German hospital, Choi Yong Woo (Kim Sung Min), returned to Korea just to give his gratitude to Geon Soo’s father by helping the clinic stand up again. The love triangle scene started when a newly hired innocent-looking nurse, Hong Ki Nam (So Yi Hyun), came in the clinic. The scene became more complicated when Yoon Seo Jin (Jung Ae Yun), the clinic manager with perfect beauty done by plastic surgery, revealed her true feelings to one of the doctors.

Those who underwent plastic surgery have positive and negative issues on why they seek plastic surgery operation. On the positive side: to get a good job, to be famous or a star, to get notice by special someone. While on the negative side: for committing crimes or deceive others and to please someone even if they don’t like.

If you are planning for a cosmetic surgery, try to watch this drama first. I guess you will have some second thoughts after watching this series. This drama is mixed with laughter and tears. It touches and gives lesson to not only women viewers but as well as to men.

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